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It’s not often that the work I create for my job can be shared publically.

However, this project was meant to be a shared public resource for healthcare educators to use as their hire new staff who need to be trained about organ and tissue donor referrals.

Often when a nurse or healthcare staff member is hired, it is a requirement that they complete a training session on the legal requirements of the donation process. In 2020 and 2021 when healthcare facilities were not allowing visitors through the door, it will still a requirement that their staff be educated about the donation process.

Working with a great team of SMEs, I created a toolkit and website for both clinical and non-clinical staff to explore the process and legal requirements of the donation process. A lesson plan is provided for those who wish to view this educational program as it incorporates all resources from the toolkit. This lesson plan includes time requirements, instructional notes, ideas for learning management system implementation, and more!

I provided both instructor-led and an electronic options for these materials to allow for maximum flexibility during the COVID-19 pandemic.

View the full materials below for the two toolkits I created:

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