Web-Based Applications

Creating and Maintaining a Wiki Page



Link: Sample of the Junior Achievement of Greater Hampton Roads Wiki Page


When I was Education Director at Junior Achievement of Greater Hampton Roads, I created a Wiki page for all employees. This page contained new employee information, HR information, vacation schedules, how-to guides, and much more. Here is a sample of one of the Wiki sections on how to use our SVN Repository file system.

Evaluating Software for School Use


Link: Evaluating Ticket to Read for School Use


Before using with my students in my classroom, I evaluated a web-based educational program, called Ticket to Read. This report shows my findings of the program and was also submitted as a graduate-level review project.

Creating Word Clouds in Wordle


One of my favorite things is to find innovative ways to teach a lesson. When I was a teacher, I found that many of my colleagues were having students use pencil and paper for concepts that could be so much more creative than a piece of paper.

For instance, when a Language Arts teacher is reviewing characters from a book and wants his/her students to describe a character using adjectives, or when a teacher wants to get the point across that his/her students use the word “is” too much in their writing, there are several creative ways to do this.

I love using word clouds, like Wordle, to show students the frequency of words in our writing. I put an example above to show how my own personal word cloud from my website shows just how often I use the words “create,” “designer,” and “instructional.”

Using Webspiration Pro to Create Graphic Organizers


Download: Probability & Statistics Organizer (Inspiration file, .isf)

Download: Probability & Statistics Organizer (Microsoft Word, .docx)


I created many graphic organizers for our instructional design meetings, and this file was generated in Webspiration Pro, a web-based version of a program I used often in teaching, Inspiration. Webspiration Pro is an online web application that allows professionals to brainstorm, organize, collaborate, and communicate more effectively.

The best thing about any documents created in Webspiration Pro is that you can save the files as Google Documents, Microsoft Word documents, or Inspiration files, allowing for greater flexibility.

This file is a brainstorming graphic organizer and outline that I created after working with the math SMEs for our unit on Probability and Statistics in the educational video game, Pi & The Lost Function.