Maintaining Social Media Sites


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When I was the Lead Instructional Designer at ATLT Games, I also was responsible for updating the company’s social media sites. I sent out daily posts on Facebook and daily tweets on Twitter involving math questions, tips for educators and parents, infographics, links to interesting articles, shares and retweets of interesting posts and much more.

During this time, the number of followers grew as I engaged the audience with giveaways, prizes, and pictures from educational conferences.



Launching Social Media Campaigns



During my time as Education Director of Junior Achievement of Greater Hampton Roads, I launched a social media campaign on Facebook to win a $20,000 grant for education through Chase Community Giving.

I attended fairs, bowling alleys, local colleges, work luncheons, and local restaurants with Wi-Fi connected laptops to encourage patrons, students, and employees to vote for my social media campaign. My social media campaign was successful, and JA of GHR received an educational grant in the amount of $20,000 during the summer of 2009.

Designing, Developing, and Implementing

The video above (not produced by me) shows a brief look at the instructional process, features, and content provided in Pi & The Lost Function.


For three years, I was the Lead Instructional Designer at ATLT Games. I met daily with a team of instructional design assistants, subject matter experts, and game developers to create an educational video game that aligns with 6th, 7th, and 8th grade Common Core Standards of mathematics.

Through development, our video game and the instructional content was evaluated by superintendents, principals, math professors, video game developers, DoDEA employees, WHRO employees, Virginia Beach City Public Schools, story writers, math teachers in several school districts, math tutors, and students.

We also conducted a math camp in which 113 students played Pi & The Lost Function over a two-week period. The students took a pre-test, used Pi & The Lost Function, and then took a post-test. The study results indicated that participating in the math camp had an effect of improving students’ post-test math performance. The results of the study can be viewed here.

Creating and Maintaining a Wiki Page



Link: Sample of the Junior Achievement of Greater Hampton Roads Wiki Page


When I was Education Director at Junior Achievement of Greater Hampton Roads, I created a Wiki page for all employees. This page contained new employee information, HR information, vacation schedules, how-to guides, and much more. Here is a sample of one of the Wiki sections on how to use our SVN Repository file system.

Managing Time for the SEVAPort Grant


Link: SEVAPort Grant Management 


When I was Educational Director at Junior Achievement of Greater Hampton Roads, I was responsible for managing a team 2-3 employees and reporting back to the grant authority on how funds were being allocated.

This is the time management document that I created to show the spending, activities, and progress of the SEVAPort grant.