Designing, Developing, and Implementing

The video above shows a brief look at the features and content provided in MISSION:RECON. Video produced by Lauren Franza.


For three years, I was the Lead Instructional Designer at ATLT Games. I met daily with a team of instructional design assistants, subject matter experts, and game developers to create an educational video game that helps entering college students prepare for their college math placement tests.

Visit the MISSION:RECON website for more information.

Creating Animated Videos in Premiere Pro

(c)2010-2014 ATLT Games


(c)2010-2014 ATLT Games


When I was the Lead Instructional Designer for ATLT Games, I developed a few concept videos for our video game, Pi & The Lost Function. These videos helped our story writers understand possible plot lines and themes that would work well with the instructional content we developed.

All animations were done using Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects by Lauren Franza. Graphics in these animations were created by Katie Cavitt.


Using Adobe Premiere Pro to Create a Kickstarter Video

During my time as Lead Instructional Designer at ATLT Games, our company decided to start a Kickstarter campaign. Kickstarter is a website that allows individuals and small companies to create fundraising opportunities that allow ideas to be funded by the public.

We wanted to create voiceover (having someone read text aloud) for all game dialogue, but we needed an informative video to help explain our cause. I worked with a coworker to create the storyboards for the video, and then I personally filmed, edited, animated, and pieced together all footage using Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe Audition, and Adobe After Effects.