Creating Word Clouds in Wordle


One of my favorite things is to find innovative ways to teach a lesson. When I was a teacher, I found that many of my colleagues were having students use pencil and paper for concepts that could be so much more creative than a piece of paper.

For instance, when a Language Arts teacher is reviewing characters from a book and wants his/her students to describe a character using adjectives, or when a teacher wants to get the point across that his/her students use the word “is” too much in their writing, there are several creative ways to do this.

I love using word clouds, like Wordle, to show students the frequency of words in our writing. I put an example above to show how my own personal word cloud from my website shows just how often I use the words “create,” “designer,” and “instructional.”

Developing Assessment Items with SMEs


Link: The Lost Function Assessment Sample Items



As the Lead Instructional Designer of ATLT Games, I worked with several math SMEs to design and develop math assessment items that would dictate the level of student understanding through the educational video game, Pi & The Lost Function.

We created a document for evaluation purposes that shows potential schools and teachers the different item types available in-game.  This document also shows the level of detail in the scaffolded, guided practice problems that help the student step-by-step within the in-game learning tablet.

Creating Informal Assessment Activities

blank post-it note 3x3 template - tatertotsandjello blank post-it note 3x3 template - tatertotsandjello

Link: Sticky Note Coordinate Planes


As the Lead Instructional Designer for ATLT Games, I often created activities and resources for teachers to use with our math adventure game, Pi & The Lost Function. This is an activity that I created that allows teachers to print out coordinate planes on sticky note paper for students, allowing teachers to informally assess their students faster and in more creative ways.

Assisting Teachers through Technology


Link: Assisting Teachers through Technology



In Virginia Beach City Public Schools, a new position (Extended Day Kindergarten) was created to provide 15 students who had low scores on a kindergarten entrance exam with an extra half day of instruction. Virginia Beach then hired half-day teachers to work with students and provided these teachers the flexibility of a no-curriculum classroom. This allowed EDK teachers to cater lessons and instructional activities to meet the needs of the learners.

After meeting with the students’ morning kindergarten teacher, I discovered areas where the students needed intervention and created lessons and activities based on their needs. I then compiled a list of many activities, resources, links, print-outs, literacy centers, etc. that I used during my two years as an EDK teacher.

This website is intended for other EDK teachers to use with the many books, math manipulatives, and other materials that came with the EDK program. Please note that this is purely a compilation of resources (being as Google Drive did not exist in 2009 when I made this site).