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Analyzing Learners and Performance Contexts

Link: Analyzing Learners and Performance Contexts


For every instructional design project, an in-depth learner analysis must be performed before any design or development can begin. Proper identification of what students should be able to do, cannot yet do, and what they will be able to do after instruction is key.

This document shows my analysis of first grade learners before I created my unit design for mathematics instruction. I simultaneously used this information for both my time as a teacher and my time as a graduate student.

Using Webspiration Pro to Create Graphic Organizers


Download: Probability & Statistics Organizer (Inspiration file, .isf)

Download: Probability & Statistics Organizer (Microsoft Word, .docx)


I created many graphic organizers for our instructional design meetings, and this file was generated in Webspiration Pro, a web-based version of a program I used often in teaching, Inspiration. Webspiration Pro is an online web application that allows professionals to brainstorm, organize, collaborate, and communicate more effectively.

The best thing about any documents created in Webspiration Pro is that you can save the files as Google Documents, Microsoft Word documents, or Inspiration files, allowing for greater flexibility.

This file is a brainstorming graphic organizer and outline that I created after working with the math SMEs for our unit on Probability and Statistics in the educational video game, Pi & The Lost Function.