IDs of the world, have you found that you have become more of a Learning Architect over the past few years? Maybe you’ve heard it called other things, too…Learning Experience Designer, Instructional Architect. These roles are getting at something deeper than just instructional design.

COVID has forced organizations to make the change to use technology that they may have been afraid of, and now our roles have become even more important as we guide others in how they can best use new tools and technologies.

Developing great content is a start, but it won’t go anywhere if you aren’t supporting the content through the correct learning platforms and using learning tools that make things easier/more efficient, not necessarily flashier (Although, I do enjoy the shiny, new tools, too!).

Learning Architect will help ensure you create a clear vision, with a clearly defined roadmap, bringing together the learning tools, learning platforms, and learning content into a form that is easy to use, scales, and delivers a great learner experience.

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