In this week’s challenge, the Articulate community was asked for labeled graphics that contain click-and-reveal interactions. Interactions like this help the learner to access information if and when they want it.

I find these kind of interactions great for:

  • Maps
  • Virtual tours
  • Blueprints
  • Factoids in a video

While the built-in markers are great for quick projects, I personally like to create my own labeled markers to give me a little more control over how content appears. One negative thing about creating my own markers is you can’t apply a constant “swirl” or “pulse” effect like the built-in markers…unless someone wants to write some tips in the Comments below! 🙂

I make a lot of labeled graphic interactions during work, but unfortunately our content is for internal training purposes. So for this challenge, I made a little dental x-ray just for fun. There are some CC-BY-SA on some of the images in this one. You can find more information in the Notes section.





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