My current job is working at a non-profit for organ and tissue donation. As you can imagine, it is an amazing place to work. There are stories of hope, stories of better health, and stories of success, but there are also stories of giving hope…to another family.

So in addition to creating educational materials for our staff, for medical professionals, and bio-implant specialists, we also have a need to create educational materials for the community.

The reason I really like these eLearning Challenges is because it gives me an opportunity to learn something new, try it out, and immediately use that knowledge.

This week’s challenge was to create an eLearning with a fancy cover slide that contains a double image. I found a topic that would allow me to practice using this technique that might inspire me later during work projects. With just the right animation/fade, this double image technique suddenly becomes filled with emotion…which is perfect for educational materials when dealing with difficult and emotional subject matter.



Download– I had to use different images for this one since my original file contained stock photos through a paid service.

2 thoughts on “eLearning Helper Challenge: Double Image

  1. Daniela Slater says:

    Hey Lauren. The file you posted for challenge #117 is a zip file and for some reason when I unzip it there are a bunch of files. How do I get the story file from it.

    1. laurenfranza says:

      Thanks, Daniela. I’ll email you to follow up.

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