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Resources are necessary with any job or task. They help us find information that we can apply to our lives. Often, this information can help us gain a better understanding of key terms or ideas and can improve efficiency through this understanding.

Since the advent of the internet, resources have been abundant and easy to access, but it it is still necessary to sift through and find relevant and reputable resources. Through my searches, I have found a group of great resources that I continue to use on a daily basis. I never stop looking for great websites, online journals, checklists, forms, and documents that I can use in my career or personal life.

Graphics, Videos, & Templates

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Audio Files

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Development & Collaboration Resources

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Google Drive YesStore all your files in one place, access them from anywhere, share them with others, upload files from your device or computer, create spreadsheets/presentations/documents, collaborate with teachers/students/SMEs, see changes made to documents in real-time. No need to email files when you can share the most current document and everyone can access them at the same time!

Discovery Education Streaming – Locate video and supplemental activities related to specific learning objectives.

Edmodo – Connect and collaborate, seamlessly integrate and manage e-learning, create secure groups to take learning beyond the classroom, foster online classroom discussion, post and turn in assignments/polls/etc., track progress and performance with a built-in gradebook, upload and share files, photos, and videos.

Education World – View professional development opportunities, lesson plans, and technology integration ideas.

Microsoft Office Templates – Locate templates for professional and personal use.

Online LaTeX Equation Editor – Generate your own LaTeX typesetting to embed in your documents.

Piktochart – Generate your own infographics.

PBS Learning Media – View Learning Media by grade level, subject, standard, and collection.

Spelling City – Review vocabulary words with students–great for learning centers.

Starfall – Introduce and review alphabet letters and sounds. Allow students to practice early reading and phonics skills–great for learning centers.

Three-Act Math – View great examples of concept-based learning by Dan Meyer.

Venngage – Generate your own infographics.

Wolfram Alpha – Find solutions to equations and problems using the search feature, view multiple representations, and download visual representations of formulas and solutions.

Wordle – Create word clouds based on word frequency. Great for brainstorming, analyzing writing, and more!

Instructional Technology & Design Resources

AACE (Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education) – Access and share ideas on research, development, and applications in information technology and education.

Adobe Audition Loopology – Download free sound files to use in projects. *Must have active Adobe Audition license.

Adobe Captivate – Capture on-screen action, such as opening and closing windows, moving the mouse cursor, and clicking icons. Also allows you to import Flash and video into projects, record audio, and insert interactive quizzes/buttons that allow the user to participate as if they had the showcased program or window installed on their computer.

Adobe Kuler – Create a color scheme for a website or graphic document.

Creative Commons Image Search – Find content you can share, use and remix under the CC license.

Digital Media in the Content Areas – Understand when you should use digital photography and digital video in the classroom as an assessment or reflective tool for students.

EdITLib – Discover the latest peer-reviewed research and multimedia presentations, organize information, share with colleagues, and use as a classroom resource.

Edudemic – View Edudemic’s list of the best educational technologies around.

GoldWave Audio Editor –  Record, edit, and analyze audio.

ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) – Learn about technology in education through webinars, conferences, journals, online courses, and podcasts.

Understanding by Design – View a lesson template that breaks down the components of UbD.