Designing, Developing, and Implementing


Link: Instructional Design Documents


When I was a graduate student in the Instructional Technology program at Virginia Tech, I completed a very rigorous course where I had to analyze, design, develop, implement, and then have my program evaluated by my peers.

I chose to create a set of 4 instructional modules that would help teachers learn how to use and create their own instructional materials using Kidspiration software.This document shows all analysis, objectives, storyboards, and design documents that I created for this course.

Coin Sorting Activity in Kidspiration



Download: Sorting Coins by Value

*requires Kidspiration to open file


When I was an elementary school teacher, I loved incorporating technology into my learning centers.  Here is a coin sorting activity I created for students to practice sorting coins by attribution (value here). Each time the student clicks on a coin, an audio file is played that indicates the name of the coin. Students could then use classroom resources (posters, laminated cards, etc.) to help them identify the value. My students loved the new, hands-on approach to learning.