When Articulate Online was deactivated as a service in the end of 2021, our company was looking for an alternative LMS that could grow with us as we grow in need. Our IT department had already maxxed out the technology budget for the following year, and we didn’t have approval to adopt Rise.com because it doesn’t have the ability for growth or more advanced features that we know we’ll soon need.

When our IT director came to us and said he had an opportunity for us to build our own custom LMS, this was right up my alley. Being the only person at my organization who has any experience with learning management systems and how they work, especially in regard to SCORM and which features are universal among LMSs, this sounded like a great opportunity to “show what I know.”

In November, I began working with a team of developers, and we met three times a week. Between meetings, I had a lot of homework to do during this AGILE development process. When the going got tough, it was often just me and the lead software developer meeting at 9:00 a.m. to discuss and review:

  • Requirements analysis
  • Use case design
  • Test plan development

Our LMS is now live, and I continue to perform user acceptance testing (UAT) as we receive our quarterly updates, and I communicate with our developers on an as-needed basis as I find small bugs.

And while I can’t take you inside, I can show you a screenshot of the login screen.

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