So I spent the last two days (not literally two days…just the leftover hours in two days after you put a toddler to bed) trying to make something for the Food & Beverage Prep industry, and it took me back to my days as a Burger King employee.

My first day as a BK employee involved watching three hours of training videos and then being thrown over to the “Burger Board” to start making burgers. Unfortunately, the training videos only covered sexual harassment and what to do if you are robbed.

There I was in the middle of the lunch rush, being asked to make four BK Burgers. “What the heck is a BK Burger,” you may ask yourself. After being bombarded by orders that I didn’t know how to make, I remember going home and HATING that first experience.

Hence, my Food Prep eLearning: Assembling the Perfect Burger. If I would have had the opportunity to practice making virtual burgers before being tossed to the burger wolves, my experience may have been a lot different













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3 thoughts on “eLearning Heroes Challenge: Food Prep

  1. Punam says:

    This is a perfect case for having an elearning course!

    1. laurenfranza says:

      If only eLearning was a big thing back in 1999… 🙂

  2. Hi Lauren, I really like this interaction, it is very real-world and if I worked at a burger place, I would happily go through that several times to practice. Love the graphics too!

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